Imam Khomeini defined relation between religion and politics

Imam Khomeini defined relation between religion and politics

By and large, politics from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini is completely separate from what is accomplished in the frame of executive politics being exercised by the colonial or exploiting powers.

In expressing politics and defining it, Imam Khomeini once said as following:  

"By politics we mean the relationship between the ruler and the nation, the relationship between the ruler and other governments and preventing corruption. All of these are politics."

Of course, this definition of politics is in terms of subject but regarding its direction, goal and its values, he gave the following explanation:

"Politics is meant to guide the society and push it forward, brings into account all the interests of the society and all dimensions of man and the society and guides them towards what is to their interests."

Therefore, one can consider Imam Khomeini as one of the revivers of Islamic political philosophy.

He repudiated the indecent station and inhuman contemporary concept of politics that was translated into tricks and ruses, according politics its right status. From his perspective, politics is the knowledge, virtue and instrument to guide man in the course of virtue, 'Idalah (justice)  and proximity to God.

According to Imam, Islam is a religion of politics with all the positions conceived for politics. This point is so clear to anyone with the least reflection on governmental, political, social and economic rules of Islam. Hence, if anyone construes religion as being separate from politics, one knows neither Islam nor politics.

If we accept the above definition of politics and religion, then the main goal of politics and religion is to establish 'idalah in society.

Islam is synonymous with government with all its positions, and Islamic rules consist of laws of the government system and a position of the Islamic government.

In fact, the rules consist of accidental desiderata and organic affairs enacted for the actualization of an Islamic government and the promotion of 'Idalah in society.




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