Imam Khomeini confronted imperial powers, shook palaces of world arrogance

Imam Khomeini confronted imperial powers, shook palaces of world arrogance

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic managed to stand up to imperial powers and reaffirmed the sovereignty not just of Iran but of nations everywhere.

Nations around the world welcomed Imam Khomeini’s message, which was looking for freedom and standing against tyranny.

Imam Khomeini is well-known for changing political landscape of the world. 

The Islamic Revolution under Imam’s wise leadership changed the balance of power in the interest of oppressed nations and confronted world arrogant and colonial powers and their policies.

Imam Khomeini’s most important achievement was that he revived Islam again and proved to everyone that Islam is a viable system.

Imam Khomeini spent more than 14 years in exile, mostly in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf. He also spent some time in Turkey and France before his return to Iran.

By toppling the Pahlavi regime 39 years ago, the Iranian nation ended 2,500 years of monarchic rule in the country.

The Islamic Revolution established a new political system; a republic based on Islamic values and democracy.

Here we bring some opinions from intellectuals who talk about Imam's cultural, spiritual and political influence.

Imam Khomeini as a moral role model

Imam Khomeini has been a role model for us from leadership, moral and discipline perspectives. He led a simple and moderate life. Simplicity, moral excellence , regularity in maintaining mid-night prayers, untiring efforts, acceptance of criticism, calling on for Muslim unity, avoiding from any sectarian strife and no surrender against false or arrogant powers have been some other characteristics of Imam. These all should be followed and adopted as a role-model

(Usmavi, the professor and head of al-HujjahHosseiniah, Indonesia)   

Religious and political leadership of a spiritual figure

Imam Khomeini has been a political and religious leader of Iran and the oppressed people in recent history. Leading an Islamic revolution to a victory granted him a great status and positionin the Iranian history. Imam has been place along the oppressed people by leading a simple life and stood against the world arrogance and exploiting powers.

(Najibullah, the then Afghan president)

Imam Khomeini, a distinguished and exceptional personality

Imam Khomeini has been a distinguished and exceptional personality who inspiring by faith, perceiving the needs of times and considering potentials could lead the Islamic Revolution to victory. Imam had been well aware of the dangers and threats being posed to Muslims and the revolution by the US and Zionists. Imam perceived the issue very well and confronted it in very best manner.

(Mahhossein , a Jordanian researcher)


Imam Khomeini shook palaces of world arrogance

Imam Khomeini shook palaces of arrogant powers. Imam Khomeini had been a great political and religious leader and a great jurist who could revolutionize the way of preaching and inviting towards God, the Almighty. The Islamic Revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini could make Muslims familiarize with their duties and the results of his movement are evident in various parts of the world. Imam Khomeini has been like a guiding lamp which upholds the right and snubs the false path.

Regarding Palestine, announcing the last Friday from holy month of Ramadan as an international Quds  has been of exclusive significance and great importance in Imam’s dynamic thought.

(Abdul Latif, former head of Jordanian parliament)


Imam Khomeini has been a great revivalist

He played a great role in reviving Islam on the eve of the 21st century

The Islamic Revolution under leadership of Imam Khomeini could transform Iran into an independent and great county of the world. Imam changed and revolutionized thought in such a manner as youth became devoted to him and were ready to sacrifice their lives.

(Lee Hasu, secretary-general of Muslim organization of south Korean Muslims)


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