Remarks on Imam Khomeini by political, cultural and social leaders of global repute

Remarks on Imam Khomeini by political, cultural and social leaders of global repute

Imam Khomeini, who himself was a distinguished Islamic scholar, proved through establishment of a democratic Islamic system that Islam can fulfill both the material and spiritual demands of the human beings.

The Islamic revolution under wise leadership of Imam Khomeini emerged at a time when supporters of the communism ruling over the eastern world in the 20th century considered religion as opium for the society and the countries of the western world considered religion as a failed entity in running the political and national affairs, while there was no stable Islamic system in vogue anywhere in the Muslim world and most of the countries were under the domination of the western powers or the Soviet Union.

 Imam Khomeini, who himself was a distinguished Islamic scholar, proved through establishment of a democratic Islamic system that Islam can fulfill both the material and spiritual demands of the human beings and a government based on religion can run the national affairs and deal with the social issues in a much better way than the other systems of government.

Remarks on Imam Khomeini by some of the great personalities and political, cultural and social leaders of global repute are given below:

Imam Khomeini movement closely associated with spirituality

Islam and spirituality presented by Imam Khomeini were cemented and consolidated in mind of the world people. We and our citizen fellows are suffering from lack of metaphysical and spiritual concepts. This vacuum can only be filled and resolved and this such a thirst could be quenched with teachings of Quran and leadership of a personality such as Imam Khomeini.

(General Hashmat, a contemporary poet from Turkey)

Imam Khomeini as reviver of justice and righteousness

Imam Khomeini revived justice and divine values in contemporary history. He taught us that the parameters of preference or dignity for individual or societies should be measured through their association and reliance on God, the almighty. He described violation of such values as injustice to human dignity.

(KianiTaraeeIlyas ,university professor and head of history department)

Great personality

Sacrifices rendered by Imam Khomeini and his influence will remain in history and the world people’s mind forever. He led collapse of an old tyrannical regime and could manage to attract people by winning their hearts and minds.

( then President of the republic of Tatarstan)                                            


Imam Khomeini, a great asset of Islamic Ummah

Imam Khomeini introduced to the Muslim world and especially the oppressed people dynamic Islamic and revolutionary ideals. Imam with great moral excellence and resistance confronted all conspiracies and plots by Islam’s foes and the world arrogant powers. He called on the Muslims to get united and anti-Islamic powers were really scared by Imam’s initiative. Imam Khomeini is considered as Muslims assets and his though would continue to guide for generations.

(ShakirInayat Ali Akbar, the head of Islamic unity movement from Pakistan)


Great combatant and freedom seeker of the century

Imam Khomeini has been great combatant andthe current history’s freedom-seekerwho could defeat the world’s superpowers by reliance on faith.

He invited the head of former Soviet Union towards Islam and shook pillars of monarchies. People from Jammu and Kashmir share grief and sadness over passing of Imam.

(Asadullah, deputy secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation front)


Successful leadership

The Muslims have been mentioned in holy book of Quran and “the best Umamah” and Imam Khomeini could practically implement this term in contemporary history and current century.

Imam had been a successful leader who accomplished all goals and objectives.

He could found democracy in his country and promoted unity among Muslim Ummah and expanded the well wishing sentiments for Islam across the globe.

(MoulanaNour al-Islam, an advisor to minister for religious affairs in Bangladesh)

Great man and charismatic personality

Imam Khomeini had been a great man and possessed a charismatic personality. He really revived Islam in contemporary history across the globe. He was sole great figure who led a simple life in such a small house. We have witnessed his popularity not only in Indonesia but across all parts of the world.

In addition to that, Imam’s devotees continue to consult and benefit from his dynamic though and precious works.  I believe that his neo-dynamic ideals and initiatives need to introduce to the entire world.

(Indonesian head for cultural affairs in Iran)

Imam Khomeini revived and echoed Islam

Imam Khomeini snubbed all backward and imitative norms dominating religious institutions and revived genuine Islam by holding the holy book of Quran in his hand.

Imam blessed Islam new spirit by practically displaying that the divine religion is capable of running and managing a political system

(Mohammad Saeed Shahabi, editor in-chief of al-alam Arabic magazine)

Fiedel Castro of Cuba:

 The Islamic revolution of Iran is an extraordinary event. Addressing the Imam Khomeini, he said: Your valour and sacrifice is astonishing . You gave us a lesson, you introduced Islamic ideology to other countries. You sent a message of revolution to the whole world. Iran with its religious and people's power has the ability to foil all conspiracies.

Michael Gorbachev: 

The thoughts and existence of the Imam Khomeini was free from time and place barriers. He has left long-lasting impressions on the world history. Musavini, ex-president Uganda: Ayatollah Imam Khomeini was a great spiritual leader from whom not only Iran but the whole world took guidance.

Henry Kissinger, US ex-minister of state:

 Ayatollah Khomeini, through a well thought-out plan, created crisis in the western world. He made plans with such a lightening speed that political analysts and leaders had no time to make counter-plans. Nobody could foresee the Imam Khomeini's decisions. His words and deeds differed from the standards prevailing in the world . He got inspiration from somewhere else. The Imam Khomeini's enmity with the West, too, had to do with the Islamic teachings and in his enmity, too, he had good intentions.

Bishop Capuchin, the arch-bishop of Baitul Maqdas: 

Hearts of all freedom-loving and poor and deprived segments of societies in the world beat in sync with that of the Imam Khomeini. The Imam belongs not only to Iran but all deprived nations across the world, who, be they Muslims or non-Muslims, look at him as their saviour.

Ex-mufti of the Al-Zahra University, Egypt: The Imam Khomeini is a true Muslim. He is our Muslim brother. Despite belonging to different sects and schools of thought, Muslims are one another's brothers in religion and are moving forward shoulder to shoulder along with the Imam Khomeini under the umbrella of Islam.

Mohammad Al-Asi, Ex-Imam of the Central Mosque in Washigton: 

The Imam Khomeini shook the East and the West. His movement is still alive.

Mohammad Hasnain Haikal, a renowned Egyptian scholar and writer: 

As if one the greatly experienced personalities of the initial days of Islam has returned (in the form of Imam Khomeini) to the earth to lead the Ali's army after the martyrdom of the Ahl-e-Bait at the hands of the Umayyads.

Professor Hameed Moulana, chief of a research center in the US:

 The Imam Khomeini had such a personality that he instantly made the people his followers through his words. He used simple popular words while talking and paid respect to his poor and impoverished supporters. Self-confidence was his power through which he removed all the barriers coming in his way. He proved to the masses that we can fearlessly stand against a superpower like America.

Rosey Garoudi, a French thinker: 

The Islamic revolution of Iran has provided with a new model of evolution of man and society. It is such a model that totally conforms with spiritual demands of the nations and it is this characteristic that has turned the west hostile against this revolution. Ayatollah Khomeini gave meaning and objectivity to life of the Iranians.

Dr Mohammad Ali, a universtity teacher in the Mexican city of Jabola and editor of the magazine Mosalman:

 Imam Khomeini proved to the world that superpowers connot be the master of the world and their best alternative is available in the world, which is Islam. Today, attention of the world public opinion and international politics is focused on Islam.

Velentine Promakov, a renowned Russian Scholar:

 Ayatollah Khomeini totally changed the meaning of the natural followings in the society. Breaking the barriers of fear and intimidation, he directed the people towards the fountains of pure and clean water of the nature. He revived the religious views about the nature and through enlightening out heart with faith, laid down the biggest epical story of sacrifice and devotion. Through raising slogans of ' neither East nor West' he made the path smooth for stability and sovereignty of Islamic governments opposite the superpowers.

Professor Lancer, an Austrian scholar: 

Imam Khomeini opened a new chapter for getting closer to God and took the Islamic revolution which happens to be an important event of the 20th century to the victor's rostrum with support from the public.

Anthono Madrano, a Spanish writer:

 People across the world will remain impressed by the spiritual revolution of Imam Khomeini forever.

Keleem Siddiqui, ex-speaker Muslim parliament, Britain:

 Imam Khomeini was the main spirit behind the Islamic struggle against the political, economic and cultural hegemony of the west.

Oryana Falasi, a renowned Italian woman journalist: 

In my very first meeting with Imam Khomeini I had become deeply impressed by the greatness of his personality. I was overwhelmed by his good qualities including patience and forbearance. God's blessings upon him were visible.

Ahmad Houbar, a famous Swiss researcher and thinker:

 Today there is the feeling in Europe that dismantling of Berlin wall was inspired by the Islamic revolution of Iran and Imam Khomeini's movement.

William Beemann, a professor at Brown University USA:

 Through his religious ideology which is termed outdated by the west, Imam Khomeini shook the world.

Robert Kliston, a renowned Canadian scholar: 

As a citizen of the west and a non-Muslim, I understand that emergence of an ideological and theological revolution like the revolution of Iran in today's world is not less than a miracle, which is striding on the path of administration of justice. Doubtlessly, this revolution is enjoying God's support.

Dr Michael Johnson, an international relations expert: 

The Islamic Republic of Iran is considered as the first victory of Muslims against the west after the 16th century. The important point is that this revolution has its foundations in Islam and has drawn no inspiration from western ideologies, nationalism, capitalism, communism or socialism.











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