Imam Khomeini highlights importance of knowledge, awareness to actualize justice

Imam Khomeini highlights importance of knowledge, awareness to actualize justice

According to Imam Khomeini, everything begins with knowledge and awareness and to gain knowledge, one should primarily forgo denial.

The question about how can one follow the straight path and actualize 'idalah in society and build an ideal, model and moderate society to be copied by other societies?

Since political theories are answers to exigencies and conditions of one particular time, although they smack of non-temporal color and scent and are presented in a way as to be compatible with any time and place, the significance of answers is no less than that of the questions for the theoretician.

Imam Khomeini began with an epistemological answer, for in his opinion everything begins with knowledge and awareness. However, to gain knowledge, one should primarily forgo denial.

"We should believe that this is the first time man wants to make a move. First, he should desist from denial. All human afflictions stem from the fact that he cannot perceive the realities and denies. He cannot attain what the saints of God have reached because of denial."

To get rid of negation, which Imam described as the "veil of denial" is the first step towards entry into the truth and its perception.

"I hope that we can remove this veil of denial from our hearts"

Another step towards an entry into realm of knowledge and cognition of the truth is the logical approach. From the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini, although differences are observed in outward aspects, methods, styles and interests and tastes, there is no difference in the meaning and essence of the truth, as truth of any and all affairs is one.

From the Imam's viewpoint, political differences, the discrepancies of philosophers, the disputes of mystics and fuqaha (jurists) are superficial, procedural and personally based on their own taste, not a difference in the truth and meaning.

Therefore, these differences can be called a misunderstanding, which should be removed.

A difference among schools, religions and viewpoints generates epistemological monopoly and is the veil of knowledge. This epistemological monopoly and veil of knowledge bars the perception of real knowledge, prompting man to presume that truth is different.

"My main concern was to remove this misunderstanding and the difference prevailing in the schools and among the men of knowledge so that knowledge was not obstructed. Islam does not consist merely of secondary injunctions. We should not immolate the essential things for the secondary ones."

Therefore, from Imam Khomeini's viewpoint the greatest veil for the society is the veil or curtain of knowledge and understanding.

"Man considers all perfections to be exclusive to whatever knowledge he has gained access. He presumes this to be knowledge, the rest are not. This attitude is a big veil for all.

Some people recoil at philosophical questions as if they have met a snake despite the fact that philosophy is an official course. Philosophers wince at mystics and vice-versa."

Hence, this veil should be removed. Imam Khomeini's movement towards the revival of philosophy and 'irfan (mysticism) in theological seminaries, aimed at removing this veil.

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