Quality of justice in perspective of Imam Khomeini

From Imam Khomeini's perspective, 'idalah is the most outstanding characteristics of the worshipped One in the world.

 'Idalah, in this sense, signifies absolute and perfect constancy and 'idalah. The Holy Quran says: "Lo! My Lord is Guardian over all things.''

 Absolute 'idalah in this sense signifies all virtues and the entirety of perfection.

 On this basis, we find that the absolute constancy of the Almighty is His very 'idalah, that is the absolute and perfect moderation.

 This absolute 'idalah, which is an attribute of the Almighty, is closely related to God's attribute of being totally independent (from the universe).

This sense of 'idalah emanates from the manifestability of God's Names Attributes.

 And because the universe is a manifestation of God Almighty, it follows them, based on this thinking, that it is also a manifestation of His justice. Similarly, the perfect man is a manifestation of God's justice.

Justice, in this sense, is at its ultimate level.

However, as Imam Khomeini put it, in addition to being an attribute of God, justice also this attribute becomes a property of the perfect man, who is a manifestation of God's great names, by way of God's overshadowing him. The perfect man in the sense of being God's great name is epitomized in the person of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


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