Imam Khomeini sought material and spiritual progress on Nowruz

Imam Khomeini sought material and spiritual progress on Nowruz

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic on Nowruz always used to seek promotion of spiritualty, brotherhood and rule of law. In his historic messages issued on the occasion of New Persian year used to recommend faithful people to morally and spiritually transform themselves.


Nowru  commences the beginning of spring and the start of New Persian Year. In the beginning of each year, Imam also encouraged people from all walks of life to play a key role in reconstruction and progress of the country.

The Islamic Revolution under the wise leadership of Imam revived divine values and genuine Islamic teachings at a sensitive juncture of the history also changed balance of power in the region and boosted morale of oppressed nations across the globe.

Imam Khomeini’s role in honoring Nowruz and changing the way Iranians viewed this day has been influential.

Some phrases from a historic message delivered by Imam on the occasion of Nowruz come as following:

“I am hopeful that God Almighty will make this year the year of mercy, blessings, purity, brotherhood, and equality and that the entire nation and the government and all the officials shall unite together and collectively lead this country toward prosperity and welfare and succeed in fulfilling all the needs of this nation; and confront any kind of transgression, which are part and parcel of all revolutions; and I hope that in this current year, our country proves to firmly establish the rule of the law. Everyone should abide by the law and no one should transgress it. No one should act against the law and everyone should act within their own limits.”


Occasion: Onset of the Iranian New Year (Nourouz) 1360 AHS


Date: March 21, 1981

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