Students be granted equal rights

The great Imam emphasized equality for all students

In that era the seminary of Najaf was the main seminary center for the training of Shia clergymen coming from across the world.

Such multi-national atmosphere had made the center dynamic and progressive on the one hand and had caused non-Arab students some problems on the other hand.   

For instance, in some cases the students and young clerics were faced with unjust treatment in some affairs such as receiving the stipend.     

Soon after his arrival in Najaf seminary the great Imam objected all discriminations and called for a new situation in which all qualified students with every nationality could enjoy equal rights and advantages.    

Thus he opined:

We are all brothers and should meet equal rights in the course of education no matter we have come from different countries. For instance, the stipend should be granted to all qualified students regardless of their nationality.

The Imam, who had an ethical character from his youth-hood, always put emphasis on the significance of preserving equal rights among nations and Muslim brothers.

Narrated by: Hujjat al-Islam wal Muslimeen Sayyid Mohammad Sajjadi Esfahani

Taken from: Alongwith the Sun, vol. 3, p. 230

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