Imam's ethical behavior was exemplary

The great founder of Islamic Republic disregarding the position of individuals behaved everybody with respect and due regard

During his stay at the city of Najaf, Imam Khomeini treated everybody in any position with total respect and reverence.

According to a clerical custom senior prominent scholars and students welcome and pay a visit to their new fellows of the same position upon their arrival to the seminary. Such visits are, of course, paid back by the newcomers as a sign of reverence to their senior fellows.

On this basis, many of the high-profile religious scholars and ordinary students welcomed young Imam Khomeini upon his arrival in the seminary of Najaf.

But the great Imam disregarding the position of individuals—either a top religious authority or an ordinary student— repaid all his visits and behaved everybody in a kind and respectful manner.

From a humanistic and ethical point of view as also emphasized in Islam and expressed by the Imam all men are respectful and due regard for their feelings, wishes, or rights must be preserved.

Imam Khomeini, the great founder of Islamic Republic in his whole life treated everybody including people of foreign nationality with respect and based on ethical codes.

Narrated by: Hojjat al-Islam wal Muslimeen Sayyid Ali Akbar Muhtashami

Taken from: Neda Journal, No. 1

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