Imam Khomeini was a great thinker with a multi-dimensional personality

Imam Khomeini was a great thinker with a multi-dimensional personality

Iran's Consul General in Mumbai, India, Ahmad Sadeqi said the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini was a great thinker with a multi-dimensional personality who had a full knowledge of various branches of science though his political thoughts that have some governmental and societal applications encompass other concepts of his thoughts.

He made the remarks while addressing a seminar in Mumbai on the occasion of the 29th demise anniversary of the Late Imam Khomeini.

He noted that joining politics with religion and spirituality and reviving God’s guardianship and his sovereignty on the society and restoration of dignity and humanistic greatness to Muslims are among brilliant ideas of the late Imam. 

Founding the Islamic Republic in Iran stemmed from his firmly belief in the necessity of establishing a political system during the period of occultation, he added.

The diplomat further noted that 'Imam Khomeini maintained that a genuine return of Muslim Ummah to its real identity and their unity and solidarity can solve the problems facing the Muslim world. For such a rediscovery of Islamic identity, Muslim Ummah is obliged to adopt decisive countermeasure against arrogant powers. '

Sadeqi went out to point out that this year, the commemoration of the demise anniversary of Imam Khomeini coincides with World Quds Day falling at the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan.

He said that the Late Imam Khomeini always stressed the fact that the Zionist regime would not confine within its boundaries.

Imam repeatedly through his historic speeches and messages pointed out the danger of Israeli occupation and expansionism, the diplomat noted.

'Recent events in the occupied territories of Palestine and irrational and illegal act of US government to open its embassy in the Quds- Jerusalem- and the mass killings of innocent Palestinians of Gaza by Zionist forces, all were reminder of the late Imam who warned about the fact that Israel would not be satisfied with its present boundary, and he informed the people that any kind of denial or cover-up by Israel of this aim was merely done to deceive public opinion in the Islamic world and allow it to pursue its step-by-step policy to achieve its ultimate aim.'

If this warning of Imam's alone had been understood properly, the way for the various conciliatory plans - which naively sought to make Israel the captive of international agreements and resolutions and, at the cost of giving it most of the occupied lands, obtain a kind of limited self rule in a corner of Palestine - would have been blocked, he added. 

The Iranian official said that 'The late Imam was the first Islamic leader to name the last Friday of holy Ramadan as the “Quds Day”. As this holy day is approaching, Muslims here and around the world would uphold and commemorate it as a manifestation of their support and sympathy with Palestinians. '




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