Imam Khomeini encouraged women's participation in all fields

Imam Khomeini encouraged women's participation in all fields

Imam Khomeini on several occasions advised women to participate in all fields of life, including sports. The great leader used to encourage sportsmen to participate and win titles on international level and world cups in various fields.

Imam himself had attached significance to exercise by regularly taking a walk and included it in his daily schedule.  

The late founder of the Islamic Republic used to put emphasizes on promoting exercise, sports and healthy types of entertainment across schools, universities and all other institutions.

Imam also encouraged athletics to win fame for the country by participating at international tournaments and world cups in various fields.

Iranian athletes, sportsmen and players have won international titles in international sports competition and have won a great reputation for the Islamic Republic and the Muslim world. 

In the most recent accomplishment, on April 18 evening, the Iran women's national futsal team has trounced Thailand in a scrimmage as it is preparing for the 2018 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women's Futsal Championship.

The Iranian sportswomen thumped their Southeast Asian opponents 7-0 in a match played in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on Wednesday evening. 

Some of Imam’s recommendations to sportsmen come as following:

God willing you too will play your part and elevate the name of Islam and Iran and hoist the flag of Islam high and be the pride of the Muslim nation. (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 15, page 361)

I wish wherever you go, you are victorious and successful... I hope you will be champions when it comes to ethics. (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 18, page 127)

I am hopeful; the banner of Islam will be hoisted over other countries too. And its shadow and influence will be felt far and wide.   (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 12, page 86)

When I see you the youth, I feel very pleased and proud of the fact that in addition to physical vigor, you young men are taking a keen interest in religion and Islam; and in the same manner that you engage in sports for strengthening the body, God willing you also participate in exercise for strengthening the soul. (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 7, page 481)




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