Did resolution 598 meet expectations of Iran?

Did resolution 598 meet expectations of Iran?

The imposed war drew to a close in August 1988, when Iran accepted UN Security Council Resolution 598 which declared Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as the initiator of the conflict.

Saddam launched the war with the support of major powers and their allies in the region in 1980, a year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. 

During the eight-year-long war, Iraq received all-out support from over twenty countries led by the United States.

All the resolutions were issued in the times that Iranian forces gained some victories in the battlefields and the allies of Iraq tried to prevent the breakdown of Iraq army and also the final victory of Iran via the issue of these resolutions.

A brief look at the text of the resolutions of UN concerning the war of Iraq against Iran shows this matter. When Saddam occupied hundred Kilometers of Iran's land and demolished several towns and hundreds boundary villages of Iran after the occupation with his army, the UN and other international organizations  remained silent and indifferent.

 The Iraqi occupants devastated 365 villages only in the province of Khouzestan. However, the United Nation deemed it sufficient to issue an insignificant letter by the United Nations secretary-General instead of forcing Iraq to go out of Iran's land, and said that, "I am worry about the expansion of disagreement between Iran and Iraq and this matter is a potential threat for the international peace and security." This was the only work done by the United Nation against Iraqi occupants.

 However, when the powerful Iranian forces started to expel the occupiers from the occupied territories, towns and villages of Iran and entered to Iraq's land in order to castigate this aggressor country, there had been no news of the useless advices of United Nation Secretary-General.

Advices were replaced by the do's and don'ts.

This matter made the U.N. and its effective members to adjust the resolution 598 in that organization. This resolution did not meet the expectations of Iran, but it had the positive cases in comparison to the previous ones.

For the first time in the sixth article of this resolution, it had been pointed to the determination of the starter of the war that after its determination and declaration by the United Nations Secretary-General, the field for the request of war reparations and damages were provided on behalf of Iran.

 Neither did Iran accept it, nor did it reject it. It bargained for almost one year so that it can compel the U.N. and impressive countries in this organization to insert their rights in this resolution.

The U.N. Secretary-General was forced to present an executive proposal to both Iran and Iraq and it undertook that an impartial party starts to investigate the work of the initiator of the war in the day of cease-fire and the debacle of the forces toward behind the international borders in definite date after the cease-fire.

  Iran accepted the resolution despite the whole demands of it were not included. The colonialists had predicated a condition that the possibility of the accomplishment of any crime against the people of the country was provided whereas Iran didn't accept this resolution. These conditions were as follows:

 Imam Khomeini who considered the protection and maintenance of Iran and Islamic Republic of Iran as the most necessary and important matter than victory in the war, announced his agreement with the acceptance of the resolution and said in a message addressing Iranians, "what should be said about the acceptance of the resolution which was caustic and deplorable for all people and especially for me is that I already believed in this method of the defense and the announced positions in war and considered the expediency of the Revolution, system and the country in the accomplishment of it until some days before, however, based on the incidents and elements that I refuse to mention them now and God willing , they will become determined in the future , and according to the opinion of all high status political and military experts of the country that I trust in their obligation, sympathy and honesty, I agreed to accept the resolution and cease-fire and consider it as the expediency of the Revolution and system  and God knows that  if there was not such motivation that our respect and confidence should be sacrificed in the way of the expediency of the system and Muslims , I would never have consented to do this action and the death and martyrdom were more delectable for me, but, what is the alternative?

We should obey God's satisfaction.

 The previous day was the day of divine examination which was spent and tomorrow is another examination which will happen ... I say again that the acceptance of this matter is more deadly than poison for me, but I am contented to make God happy with me and for God's sake, I drank this nip. The point which should be notified necessarily is that the acceptance of this resolution was only with the decision of Iran's custodians who decided about this matter with their confidence. Today's decision was only for the recognition of the expediency ... Know that the victory is yours. "

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