Resolution 598 revealed real face of US-led imperial powers

Resolution 598 revealed real face of US-led imperial powers

After the acceptance of the resolution 598 by Iran, the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam and his US-led Western and regional backers didn't have any explanation and reason for their people concerning the imposition of the eight year-old war on Iran.

Moreover, they didn't have gained any achievement from this war.  

Investigating the reasons and evidences received from Iran and Iraq on Tir 18, 1370 AH, the United Nations Secretary-General announced that, "the starter of the eight-year war has been Iraq."

Finally, the world stated this truth after several years delay and refusing from the declaration of the aggression of Iraq that Iran's people have protected their territorial integrity for 8 years via the sacred defense and so another victory was recorded for Iran's nation in the history of the honor of our country.

Imam Khomeini had repeatedly warned the international community against the crimes the Iraqi dictator was committing against the Iranian nation and the Iraqi people.

Under the wise leadership of Imam, the Iranians could defend their sovereignty, dignity and country against the aggression.

Imam’s faithful followers set great examples of patience, sacrifices and wisdom at this juncture of history.

At a very sensitive juncture of history, Imam Khomeini considered acceptance of the UN-sponsored 598 resolution as a move in the interest of the Islamic Republic system.

The war came to an end in August 1988, when Iran, in compliance with international law, accepted Resolution 598 of the UN Security Council. 

Iran accepted Resolution 598 on 20July 1988.  On 17 July 1988, Iran notified the Secretary-General of its formal acceptance of resolution, expressing the need to save life and to establish justice. 

The resolution by the world body had sought an end to aggression by former Iraqi dictator Saddam’s Baathi regime against Iran.

At this occasion, Imam said in a historic message as following:

"Concerning the acceptance of the Resolution, which is indeed a bitter and unpleasant matter for all especially for me, until a few days ago I believed in the same mode of defense and stance that was announced during the war, considering the interest of the system, the country and the revolution in its implementation. However, owing to the events and factors, which I will presently refrain from mentioning with the hope that God make them clear in the future and by taking into account the view of all the high-ranking political and military experts of the country on whose commitment, sympathy and sincerity I rely, I agreed to accept the resolution and ceasefire," Imam Khomeini said.

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