Iran's gains in imposed war worried world arrogance

Iran's gains in imposed war worried world arrogance

The operations of Iranian forces in Iraq's land and irreparable damages which Iraq's army underwent from these attacks caused some changes to be happened in the resolutions of the U.N.

 According to the insist of Iran on its right which was the determination of the aggressor country in the war and also showing the national might with the accomplishment of the operations in the depth of Iraq's land, Iraq were not advocated completely in the resolutions, for example in eight-point proposal of United Nations Secretary-General which was issued in 1363AH and the demands of the U.N. which were declared toward two parties of the war, i.e. Iran and Iraq.  

 Iran seized the strategic port of Fav and its surroundings in South of Iraq via the Valfajr- 8 operations by 700 Kilometers in Bahman of 1364.

Cutting out the contact of Iraq with the azure waters of Persian Gulf and the abolishment of the rocket bases of Iraq in Fav that the town of Dezfool and other towns of Khouzestan had been attacked via them were of the aims of these operations.

After this victory, the resolution 582 was issued. Expressing deep worry concerning the length of the war between Iran and Iraq and also emphasis on being unacceptable, obtaining the territory by force and without pointing to the starter of the war, regret was expressed only for the actions which had been the cause of the outbreak of the war in this resolution.  

Via the occupation of Fav port, the world of arrogance considered the Islamic Republic of Iran as a stable government and Iran's people as powerful and invincible. After these operations, Iran accomplished more than 20 great and small operations that all these attacks were in Iraq's land.

 The most important of them was named the operation of Karbella-5 which Iranian forces went forward near Basreh, the second important city of Iraq via the accomplishment of these operations. The location of the accomplishment of these operations was selected by Imam in a place where the greatest and most important barriers of European experts had been made in order to prevent from the infiltration of Islam's fighters.

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