Imam Khomeini used to receive journalists with open arms

Imam Khomeini used to receive journalists with open arms

At least 450 interviews were made with Imam Khomeini just in less than three months during his historic stay in Nofel Loshato(Neauphle-le-Château.

Hundreds of journalists and reporters from foreign news agency and media outlets conducted interview with Imam Khomeini during his stay in the French city.

Imam used to receive even those journalists who were even not friendly to Islamic leadership. They used to ask Imam Questions on various political and social developments and imam answered them with great tolerance. 

Most of journalists have blamed the US-led Western governments of failing to under the Islamic revolution and its objectives. They believe the leader of Islamic Republic had great patience, tolerance, wisdom and knowledge.  

Pundits and experts maintain that serious attempts are needed to elucidate the general principles of Imam Khomeini’s political thought.

If we survey the development of political thought in Islam we would come to know that Muslim scholars, during the past hundred years, have developed new theories in the field of Islamic political thought in an unprecedented manner.

Yet, some of them have not been successful in developing theories fit for running the affairs of their societies. But Imam Khomeini succeeded in bringing about a revolution and establishing the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran each year commemorates  National Reporter’s Day marking the anniversary of the killing of an Iranian reporter in Afghanistan several years ago 

August 8 was designated National Reporter’s Day in Iran after Taliban militants killed Mahmoud Saremi, the correspondent of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), along with eight Iranian diplomats, in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998.

On August 8 1998, Islamic Republic of Iran's News Agency’s (IRNA) reporter Mahmoud Saremi, and 8 Iranian diplomats were killed by Taliban militants in the city of Mazari Sharif in Northen Afghanistan.

Iranians hold ceremonies throughout the country to pay tribute in the honor of the martyred journalists

Saremi was working over there as the bureau chief and a very active correspondent at the time of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the event happened with the support of the United States and many western countries at that time.


Iran marks National Journalists/Reporters' Day to tribute Iranian journalists and reporters and to remember those who had been killed on duty.




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