Imam Khomeini recommended deep link between people and leadership

Imam Khomeini recommended deep link between people and leadership

Therefore, the link between the people and the leadership and the Islamic government is deep and faithful and because of this, Imam Khomeini could institute and conduct one of the most popular types of governments.

Thus, Imam Khomeini is the first person in centuries who has succeeded in establishing a religious government on the basis of leadership by a fully qualified mojtahid or jurisconsult. 

In the Imam’s perception, the Islamic government, apart from the substantial difference of objectives and ideals from the organizational point of view, has also basic differences with contemporary political system. According to this viewpoint or theory, the “majority” becomes lawful on the basis of “truth” , and in the wake of this, the necessity to enforce velayat or guardianship depends on the presence of its conditions including public acceptance, which is realized via direct natural selection, or through election by the experts of the nation. 

In this type of government, contrary to all the world’s existing political systems, the people, after determination of leadership and carrying out elections, do not disavow responsibility, nor are they left to themselves. Rather, their presence in the scenes of management of the Islamic society and participation in the destiny of the Islamic System is guaranteed as an incumbent religious duty.

According to Imam Khomeini, the pillar of Islamic rule is based on reciprocal love and trust between the people and competent leadership. 

It was such a viewpoint that made Imam Khomeini to say: “If they call me a servant, it is better than being called a leader. Leadership is not what matters; what matters is service; Islam has made it necessary for us to serve... I am a brother to the Iranian people and regard myself as their servant and soldier... In Islam, one-thing rules and that is the law. Law also ruled during the time of the honorable Prophet; He was the implementer.”

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