Imam Khomeini defined distinction between divine religions and material doctrines

Imam Khomeini defined distinction between divine religions and material doctrines

The followers of material doctrines consider the world in the realm of nature and have no faith and pay no attention to the world beyond this physical world.

According to Imam Khomeini, the most important difference and distinction between divine religions with material doctrines is in their spiritualism. 

For this reason, they consider their human – scientific duty to provide an ostensibly happy and peaceful world for human beings from the time of their birth until their death and to confine and bind him in the framework of nature because they neither have any faith nor believe in the spiritual make-up of human beings.

However, divine religions generally and the sacred canon of Islam in particular, considers their essence to be freedom, liberation and release from the world of nature and in not limiting the life and personality of human beings solely to the physical world. 

Islam has granted human beings with such scope, personality and identity such that it has spread their existence as far as the infinite boundaries of creation as well as qualities and names of the Truth.

Imam in this regard has explained as following: 

With an extremely beautiful and fascinating phrase of “We are from God and unto Him is our return”, defines the boundaries of existence in the infinite boundaries and boundlessness. Ibne Arabi, the esteemed Islamic scholar of mysticism, mentions human being as “the most universal being” and considers him to be a mirror-image of all the beauties and perfections of the Truth to the extent that it seems that a human being is a collection of all the books of the order of existence. It is evident that in explaining human beings, the view point of Imam Khomeini has been adapted to the “ontological” and “epistemological” outlook of Islam. 

This is because in this sacred religion, when the discussion is about supreme origin and ontology, we reckon the world of existence to have been created by a Creator who is ‘the First’, ‘the Last.; ‘the Apparent’ and ‘the Concealed’ Who is “The First One, the Last One, the Apparent One and the Concealed One and is the Aware of all things.” This absolute truth created the apparent world and the visible universe with His Apparent Name while with His Concealed Name he created the concealed and invisible world. Thus the universe and the order of existence by leaning on the two apparent and concealed names of the Exalted Truth is divided into the invisible and visible world, apparent and spiritual, earthy and celestial, the physical world and the metaphysical afterlife. Apart from this general division, each one of these worlds also have an apparent and a concealed quality meaning that the visible world itself also possesses two apparent and concealed aspects of context and meaning.

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