''Ashura uprising'' in the words of Imam Khomeini

''Ashura uprising'' in the words of Imam Khomeini

The precious work by Imam Khomeini shows that Imam Khomeini highlighted various perspectives of Ashura through his historic messages and speeches.

Imam Khomeini believed that the Islamic revolution had been inspirited by the message of Ashura.

The precious book titled “''Ashura uprising'' in the words and sayings of Imam Khomeini consists a series of lectures, speeches and statements delivered by the late fonder of the Islamic Republic.

The introduction to the insightful work comes as following:

Greetings unto the standard-bearer of the school of martyrdom. Greetings unto the ever-victorious oppressed of the history. Greetings and salutation upon Imam Husayn (PBUH) and his companions. And Greetings unto the True Children of the Ashura “Imam Khomeini and his disciples”.

In this compendium we have spread before the followers of the school of martyrdom the words of a great man who was a perfect example of an imitator-follower of the Master of Martyrs. A man who, in the dark night of oppression, hoisted the shining torch of martyrdom, raised the banners of uprising, eradicated the shame of silence and abjection from the holy skirts of the vanguards of Imam Husayn’s blood-smeared Shiism and once more, in the sovereignty of iron and steel, taught the barefooted and oppressed peoples of the world the slogans of “Either Victory or Martyrdom” and the “Triumph of Blood over the sword,” and, in the end, overthrew the “Yazidi” rule of the time by the hands of a nation that had cherished their love for Ashura and the memory of the bloody event of Karbala in their heart by tears, blood and truthfulness, from one generation to the next. May his memory live for ever, he who consistently used to testify that “Whatever we have, we have it by the blessings of Ashura and Muharram!” We hope that lovers of the path of Husayn (PBUH) and those who ambulate in the footsteps of Khomeini (r) will, as in the past, guard their honor of being the fore-runners in the uprising of the “Master of the The Ashura Uprising 2 Free” (Imam Husayn - PBUH) and of imitating his path and, by their auspicious presence in the impregnable bastion of “wilayah” (leadership), remain firm in their defense of the Islamic Revolution and be true custodians of the priceless, divine trust, the Holy Order of the Islamic Republic until the advent of the universal extender of peace and the avowed avenger. 

We bring some phrases from the book Imam Khomeini’s Statements at a Gathering of the ulama’, Mass Prayer Leaders, the Clergy and Preachers of Qum and Tehran. (June 20, 1982)

“ I would like to advise the preachers that the real significance of your work at these mourning sessions is little known and to some it is not known at all. The fact that traditions have assigned so much value for just one drop of tear shed for the Karbala victim (Imam Husayn - A) is not because the Master of the Martyrs needs our tears. It is not because such shedding of tears is a pious act that carries rewards for those who shed it. In addition to its devotional and spiritual aspect, an important political point has been involved on the day when the related narratives were issued.”

“History is rife with painful events which occurred in the Islamic world during the Omayyad rule including the cruel massacre and imprisonment of the followers of the Prophet’s progeny and the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (PBUH) by agents of Yazid (son of Muawiyah).”

“A nation that had lost everything in the former regime including his human dignity and had to depend on others for everything. Then suddenly, that violent outburst and the revolution was on and it was by the blessings of these mourning sessions that brought together all the people, all focusing on one issue. This subject should be further elaborated by leaders of the Friday Mass and daily congregational prayers so that our foes do not consider us as the weeping nation or the nation of tears. We are a nation who was able by these tears, to overthrow the 2500- year-old power. 16 The martyrdom of His Holiness Imam Husayn (A) and his aides totaling 72 persons occurred on the 10th day (Ashura) of Muharram of the year 61 a.h.l. (680 a.d.). Since then that date and day and its anniversaries have been termed as the “Ashura” or “The Ashura of Husayn.”

















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