Imam Khomeini stressed tranquility for spiritual traveler

Imam Khomeini stressed tranquility for spiritual traveler

Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Republic through his theological workers advised believers and faithful people to display calm and tranquility while performing worship and reciting supplications.

Imam has undertaken very serious discussions in this regard in his famous work titled ‘discipline of prayer’. Some points in this regard come as following:

Of the important cordial disciplines of worships, especially the invoking worships, one is tranquility [tuma'nīnah], which is not the same tranquility as demanded by the jurisprudents (may Allah be pleased with them) in the Salat, Imam Khomeini explains. 

According to Imam, it is that the sālik should perform his worship with a quietude of the heart and a tranquility of the mind, because if the worship was performed in a state of anxiety and with shaky heart, the heart would not have any reaction, and no effects of worship would appear in the dominion of the heart, and the reality of the worship would not become an inner image of the heart.

One of the significances of the repetition of worships and the increase of supplications and invocations is that the heart is affected by them and there will be an emotion until, gradually, the reality of worship and supplication forms the innermost part of the sālik, and his heart unites with the spirit of worship.

Should the heart lack tranquility [itmīnān], quietude and serenity, there would be no effect of the supplications and the rituals on it, and they would not pass from the outer appearance and limits of the body to the dominion of the inner soul, and the cordial parts of the truth of worship would not be effected, Imam concluded the discussion.

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