Imam Khomeini was forced to leave Najaf on October 6, 1978

Imam Khomeini was forced to leave Najaf on October 6, 1978

In a message addressed to Iranian nation he mentioned the reasons for his flight, “Now that I’m forced to leave adjacency of Imam Ali (PBUH) and do not see my hands free in Islamic territories to serve you the oppressed nation who are attacked by foreigners and their affiliates, and in a situation that they had stopped me from entering Kuwait while I had visa, I fly to France.

 No matter where I am, what is of significance to me is fulfilling Divine duty and high interests of Islam and the Muslims. 

 Now that the Islamic movement has reached a critical stage, you and I are responsible. Islam expects us to do something.” 

Accordingly, Imam and his companions were transferred to Baghdad on October 6, 1978, and the following day he began an epochal flight for the sake of God, in which after a short stay in Paris he resided at Neauphle-le-Château village. 

 Quite contrary to the Shah’s expectation, Imam’s inhabitancy in Paris accelerated the revolution and many reporters and journalists rushed to Imam’ visit every day so as that small village had turned into the focus of world news. After a few months Islamic Revolution gained victory.

For more information on the events after Imam’s flight to Paris refer to: Oral History of Islamic Revolution from Imam Khomeini’s Flight to Paris to the Victory.  

In 1978 and while Islamic movement of Iranian people led by Imam Khomeini had reached its culmination, the Shah’s Regime, disappointed from causing Imam to remain silent, tried some political activities to limit his activities or deport him from Iraq. 

For the very same reason, Iraqi forces laid siege to his house in Najaf and controlled and restricted comes and goes to it. 

 Imam Khomeini, determined to continue the struggle at any cost, decided to leave Iraq for Syria, but due to strained relations between the two countries it was appointed that he pass through Kuwaiti territories to Syria. While a visa on his arrival to Kuwait had been issued, Kuwaiti officials issued a decree to prevent him from arriving the country. 

Imam stayed the night in Basra and decided to flight to Paris.


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