He had established a good rapport with his pupils

Imam's locution was surprisingly unique so that everybody felt safe and secure in his classes.

Imam’s style of speaking in the class was really fascinating for all seminary students. Apart from giving eloquent lectures on a wide range of topics he managed to create a dynamic atmosphere in which everybody engaged in a critical thinking process.

In this sense, Imam's scholarly views and opinions on a subject were such that students seldom sought for further explanation or clarification.

Even the simplest questions on a basic level were kindly answered by his Excellency to such a point that the great Imam became ensure about their understanding.

Briefly speaking, dear Imam through patience, passion, and self-discipline had established a good rapport with his pupils and turned the class into a safe place in which every body could express his critical views freely and without obsession.

Narrated by: Ayatollah Mohammad Fadhil Lankarany

Howzeh journal, no. 32

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