Reza Khan regime had desperately tried to destroy religious ideals

Reza Khan regime had desperately tried to destroy religious ideals

The Pahlavi regime also attempted to damage international honor, and in short, all the assets of a nation were among the acts that the dictatorial and tyrannical regime committed.

This ignorant bully, Reza Khan, suddenly changed the dressing culture of the country, he changed many of the traditions, and he banned the religion! He did actions through coercion and bullying. He became popular in the eyes of the Westerners—that is the colonizers. 

What the Western women achieved by plummeting into the quagmire of corruption and perversion was the destruction of the family. Those women could only advance in science and politics or in social activities by merely removing hijab was an absolute falsity.

Women could do so by holding onto their hijab and decency and we have experienced the fact in our Islamic country.

Banning hijab was a prelude to stripping women of their dignity and decency. It was meant to keep people busy with powerful sexual desires. They wanted to prevent people from doing other things and they were successful for some time.
But the strong faith of the Iranian nation did not let this happen. In spite of all the strictures on hijab in the past, our Muslim women resisted suppression in various ways during and after Reza Khan's reign.

The Palavi reign ended after the victory of Islamic Revolution in 1979 under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

 Commenting on the corruption by the Pahlavi regime, Imam on different occasions said as following: 

Probably you may not remember, in the name of unity and removing chādor, how much they coerced and how many fetuses were aborted owing to the harassment…  ( Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.10, page 346)

 Before the tāghūtī regime, Qājār ruled the country; they were also corrupt but not so much as these people. These father and son beat the record of corruption! (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.10, page 134)

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