‘Imam Khomeini was staunch advocate of Muslim unity’

‘Imam Khomeini was staunch advocate of Muslim unity’

The visiting chief of Iran’s religious institutions, Ayatullah Ali Raza Araafi addressing a seminar in Pakistan has stressed that Islam is the religion of peace, struggle and political vision, Pakistan's "The News", an English paper reported. Great Iranian leader Imam Khomeini brought about an Islamic revolution which was aimed at uniting all Muslims and inviting all religions and nations to join hands for countering the evil forces.

He was addressing as chief guest at a seminar held in connection with the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, at Jamia Urwatul Wusqa on Monday. Tehrik Bedari Ummat chief Allama Jawwad Naqvi presided over the seminar.

Ayatullah Ali Raza Araafi said Imam Khomeini was a staunch advocate of global unity among Muslims for countering the enemy challenges, adding that present supreme leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei was pursuing the same thought.

He said that against the philosophy of western leaders, Imam Khomeini brought about revolution and despite widespread plots of enemies it was still in place and progressing.

He said leading global powers were forced to acknowledge the strength of Islamic revolution.

Allama Jawwad Naqvi said Islamic revolution had united entire Iranian nation under its banner. Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said the unity of Muslim world was the best way to get rid of chaos and disruption among the Muslims and to free the Muslim countries from the clutches of the colonial powers.

He said that the Iranian revolution was a great achievement of Imam Khomeini.

He said the Iranian revolution had proved that Islam was a living religion and the state could be run in accordance with Islamic principles. He said that after the Iranian revolution, the western powers and the secular forces in the Muslim world had carried out propaganda against the revolution.

(Source: The News)

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