Imam Khomeini never woke up anybody for morning prayers

It has been recalled through a series of memoirs that Imam Khomeini never used to wake up anyone form sleep or disrupted anybody's nap for the mid-night or morning prayers.

Imam Khomeini’s spouse once said that Imam used to observe and took care of rest and comfort of others and attached this matter a great significance.

For an instance, mam was extraordinary careful not to cause any disruption or disturb nap of any family members when he used to get up for mid-night prayers, she recalled.

It is worthy to mention that Imam had never missed performing mid-night prayers and supplication throughout his life.

Relatives and people within close circle of Imam also said that he used to never wake up his friends and fellows for the morning prayers as well.

This principle should also been observed while promoting teachings of Islam because the duties of divine religion should be performed by believers and faithful people by great willingness without any enforcement. It should be believers who discipline and arrange their time in a way that their religious obligations are done in perfect manners without any disturbance.  

However, Imam Khomeini, who himself never missed saying prayers and reciting supplications at middle of the night, advised others to concentrate on carrying out religious obligations rather than performing non-compulsory worship.


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