Imam Khomeini’s works in Indonesian and Khazakh languages inaugurated at international book fair

Imam Khomeini’s works in Indonesian and Khazakh languages inaugurated at international book fair

A book titled “Anthropology from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini” which was translated into Indonesian and Kazakh language have been inaugurated at 32th book fair in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

The ceremony was held at  the stand of the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication which is assign to undertake cultural activities within the country and abroad.

Mohammad Ali Rabbani, the head of the organization’s international Studies center, Mahdi Zainuddin, head of the Iranian Cultural House in Kazakhstan were present at the gathering. Mohammad Reza Abdollahifard, the representative of the institute for compilation of and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works was also in attendance of the ceremony. 

Several cultural figures and personalities attended the session which highlighted the need to promote the dynamic thought and ideals of the late founder of the Islamic Republic. 

Over the years, Tehran International Book Fair has turned into a landmark book fair in Middle East and Asia after holding 31 editions in a row.

 Every year in late April, an average of 3,000 domestic and 800 foreign publishers participate in the event.

 The foreign publishers substantially offer their materials in English or Arabic, while titles in French, German, Chinese, Korean or Japanese are also available.

30 countries are participating at the exhibition this year. China is this year’s Guest of Honor at TIBF, with a delegation of 150 representatives from its publishing industry.

Several of Imam’s published books, and works in digital forms are being presented at the stalls and being widely welcomed by visitors with various specialties.

Dozens of Imam’s works have been translated into Arabic, English, Urdu and several other languages over the past few years. 

Hundreds of publishers form across Iran and several others countries are taking part in the ongoing exhibition .

The 32nd Tehran Book Fair will wrap up on May 4.

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