The sickness and sad demise of the Imam’s beloved son

On the 12thof March 1995, news spread that Sayyid Ahmad had suffered a stroke and was confined to his bed. This news caused an instant wave of anxiety first in Tehran and soon after throughout Iran. A few hours later, the Islamic Republic news stations officially announced the bad condition Sayyid Ahmad was in. Great cries rose from all houses and the people prayed for him to get better.

The untiring efforts of the medical team were of no avail as only four days later Sayyid Ahmad passed away. On the 16th of March 1995 it was announced that Sayyid Ahmad had left this world in order to meet his Lord. Ahmad Khomeini’s name, memory, picture, and unparalleled sacrifices along with the name of “Imam Khomeini” will remain in the heart, soul, and spirit of the lovers of the Islamic revolution forever. Verily, we belong to Allah and to him we shall return.

The next day tens of thousands of people came to say their goodbyes to the familiar face they had loved so dearly throughout the years. People cried as they felt that they had lost a part of the Imam. At 10:30 am the Supreme Leader prayed beside his dead body and then at 10:45 am they carried the body to Imam Khomeini’s burial place, where he was buried. Every Iranian on that day felt a wave of sadness cross over him. May God reward him and his family for all they have done for the people of Iran.

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