Sayyid Ahmad’s education

After getting his diploma in the natural sciences, he began studying theological sciences. However, prior to this and while he was still doing his diploma, he also completed the preliminary studies of theological sciences. He was very interested in studying literary, political, religious and jurisprudential books in order to achieve a sound education in different fields.

He was known for his intelligence and clever mind. Thus he finished his Howza studies very quickly and was the student of several prominent clergymen. As he progressed in his studies, he was also busing teaching the previous courses he had finished. Very soon he finished all his general studies and started to specialize in jurisprudence. His father encouraged, supervised and supported him a great deal.

Although at that time Imam Khomeini was in Najaf, he sent many letter to Sayyid Ahmad. In these letters he advised his son to study hard and told him to have high morals and a good character. Imam Khomeini also followed his son’s progress and this pushed Sayyid Ahmad and made him very successful in his studies. Sayyid Ahmad left for Najaf in 1977. At that time he had gone very far in his studies, such that he was ready to teach Makasib and Kifayah. If he was not preoccupied with the revolution, helping Imam Khomeini, and other matters and was able to teach and study, he would have surely become a great Marja’. After the Imam passed away, Sayyid Ahmad found an opportunity to teach Arabic literature, Makasib andKifayah for a short while even though he still had many preoccupations.

His classes were unique and the extent of his knowledge visible. He wouldn’t go on to the next point until the point he was making was explained and described completely and from every angle. He liked to talk of the views and opinions of other people regarding certain matters and so there was a lot of criticism, comparison, and discussions in his lessons.

Below are some of the names of the great men who lectured and taught Sayyid Ahmad:
· Imam Khomeini
· Hajj Mustafa Khomeini
· Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani
· Ayatollah Sultani Tabataba’ei

In addition to jurisprudence he was very interested in philosophical and mystical discussions. He was also well-versed in Western philosophy, logic and political schools of thought. He studied Persian poetry and literature and knew many poems off by heart. Sometimes when interpreting the poetry of great men, he showed such wisdom that it took the experts in this field by surprise. He also enjoyed art and science.

Although he did not have a politics degree he was one of the distinguished political theoreticians of the Islamic Republic and the Muslim World. There are few who can foresee their enemies’ next move, but Sayyid Ahmad was one of them. He played an important role in making the revolution victorious.

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