Iran marks 41st anniversary of Revolution: Where's John Bolton?

Iran marks 41st anniversary of Revolution: Where's John Bolton?

Iran is celebrating the 41th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, confounding a promise of regime-change given by John Bolton. Iran has celebrated its 41 anniversary confounding the hawkish regime-change advocates in the United States.

On Tuesday, the Iranian nation, as well as its supporters in neighboring regions and far away countries, took to streets to celebrate the 41 anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Islamic Revolution turns 41: Iranians mark anniversary nationwide

This year’s anniversary comes amid fierce threats and talks of regime-change by a group of hawkish American politicians, the neocon warmongers.

One of the better known members of the neocon group is John Bolton, who has been touting regime-change in Iran for years.

Trump could reduce tensions with Iran by firing Bolton, Pompeo: Analyst

The mustachioed neocon war-monger, who is a former national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, had boasted before a crowd of MKO terrorists in Paris in 2018 that the “[R]evolution will not last until its 40th birthday.”

However, the hostility doesn’t end there as some US officials had openly threatened to starve the Iranian nation into submission.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, another neocon hawk, warned Iranian officials to submit to Washington's demands, "if they want their people to eat."

Trump barreling toward war with Iran, Congress must stop him: US senators

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif replied to Pompeo's threat, saying “Iran will not just survive but advance w/out sacrificing its sovereignty.”

Until now, the Iranian nation has not only resisted against decades of hostile US policies, but has remained steadfast in its effort to safeguard its revolutionary ideals and sovereign independence.

In the meantime, where did Bolton do after he was fired from the White House?

Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton

Apparently, Bolton has been busy writing a book that Trump said cannot be published because it is "nasty and untrue".

Trump also revealed that the war-mongering neocon Bolton had been begging him for a new job after failing in the previous one.

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