Imam Khomeini revived true culture of martyrdom, lifted status of martyrs

Imam Khomeini revived true culture of martyrdom, lifted status of martyrs

Imam Khomeini, the late leader of the Islamic Revolution revived culture of martyrdom to seek the dominance of absolute truth and confront the world aggression. He also took practical steps for the welfare of families who rendered the sacrifices for the sake of God the Almighty and the emergence of the world oppressed people.

 The victory of Islamic Revolution at sensitive juncture of history revived divine values and genuine teachings of Islam. 

Iranian nation rendered numerous sacrifices to shield the ideals of Islamic Reovltution under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini.

Imam set up several organization such as martyr foundation to look after the welfare of those families who stood behind the Islamic Revolution in all thicks and thin times. 

A year after the victor of Islamic revolution’s victory, with the direction of Imam Khomeini, the Martyr's Foundation was established to help and take care of the families of "martyrs" of the revolution, and the Iran-Iraq War and those who became disabled during that war. 

The Martyrs Foundation provides a supportive social and economic framework for the families of martyrs and contributes greatly to their morale and motivation. 

Imam once in this regard said as following:

“Has not our nation, nourishing martyrs, inherited the ideology of martyrdom from our Imams, who viewed life as the expression of belief and jihad, who safeguarded the illustrious Islamic school of thought with their blood and the blood of their progeny? Are honor, dignity and human values not invaluable virtues for the safeguarding of which our impeccable ancestors and their companions had dedicated their lives?” 

“A nation that has risen to establish Islamic justice, implement the message of the glorious Quran, expel the criminal superpowers and lead a life of independence and freedom is also prepared to face martyrdom and dedicate martyrs. This nation will never be intimidated by such atrocities perpetrated by the superpowers through mercenary criminals, for massacring the noblest of its children.”

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Martyrs' Foundation was established by Imam’s directives

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