I want pain, cure I don’t want,

I want sorrow, song I don’t want.

I am in love, in love and involved with you,

For this illness cure I don’t want.

I accept your cruelty heartily,

From you abandoning cruelty, I don’t want.

From you unfaithfulness is faithfulness,

Therefore, faithfulness I don’t want.

You are my “Sa­fa” & Marwah,

Marveh and Safa I don’t want.

Sufi is unaware of the beloved’s union,

Unpleasant sufi I don’t want.

You are my prayer, you are my recitation,

Recitation, thinking and praying I don’t want.

Wherever I turn you are Qeble,

The false Qiblah I don’t want.

Whoever you behold is your devotee,

I am myself a devotee, the devotee I don’t want.

The whole world is lit by your visage,

You are visible, the foot-print I don’t want.

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