To the tavern, lameniting and moaning, I have come,

Of the Sufi's trickery desperate I have become.

Tell the Sheikh "Close the door of school that I,"

With all your clamour and altercation fed up with the life I have become.

Unseal the jar oh! elder that at your court,

Joyfully, dancing, I have come.

No problem is solved unless by the beloved's coquetry,

At her door dishevelled state I have come.

Everywhere is the Beloved's abode as my beloved is everywhere,

Then from idole temple to Ka‘bah how have I come?

Reveal the mystery, open the knot, and solve the puzzle,

That from this desert exhausted I have come.

So as to move from nothing to everything,

Whimsically to covet the hidden treasure I have come.

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