A figure that belonged to all of human beings

Zahmat (Dong Van), Esmaeel – a thinker and a writer

Imam Khomeini is the most unique Islamic figure and he has appeared in the recent centuries. He performed services for Islam and many of their effects will become clear in future for the people of the world.

 He is a figure that belongs to all of human beings; the world of human beings should use his thoughts and his views in order to create societies with spiritual values.

If Imam Khomeini thoughts were disseminated in the entire world, the followers of all other religions also would have followed him.

Imam Khomeini is one of great figures of the world of Islam as his thoughts and works are becoming increasingly popular among the world people.

 The Chinese Muslims who have had the opportunity to get to know Imam Khomeini's personality are fans of his personality and they love the thoughts. The Muslims of the world believe that Imam Khomeini brought reputation and honor to Islam and they believe that if they want to become free of the many obstacles that there are they should implement his thoughts.

Zahmat (Dong Van), Esmaeel – a thinker and a writer

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