Growth or decline of nation depends on Workers, Imam Khomeini explained

Growth or decline of nation depends on Workers, Imam Khomeini explained

Imam Khomeini said that the growth or decline of a nation or country depends on performance of its laborers and workers. If a country inclines towards growth, it is with the hands of you the beloved workers that it inclines towards growth; and if a country tends towards decline, again it is with you that it tends towards decline.

And the Prophet of Islam has exemplified this through his own behavior. As an employer, he used to sit on the floor and eat with his servant Anas ibn Malik, who served him for ten years.

It has been reported that the Prophet (PBUH) never rebuked him for anything: “When I did something, he never questioned my manner of doing it; and when I did not do something, he never questioned my failure to do it. He was the most good-natured of all men.”  

Islam taught us to sit with them and eat the same food.

When it comes to contracts, remember the teachings of the Quran

Allah says in the Qur’an “O you who believe, fulfill your contracts.” (Al-Ma’idah 5: 1)

The Prophet PBUH said, “Muslims must abide by their agreements unless there is an agreement that makes halal what is haram or makes haram what is halal.“ 

Imam in this regard on a historic occasions said as following:

"It is because of not working or being lethargic at work or not being interested to work that a country slides into decline. Today, the country is you; the country belongs to the workers. There is not more interference of foreigners in the affairs of the country; there is no more suppression; there are no more pressures; there are no more plunders. Today, the country belongs to you and you have direct responsibility for it."

"You are answerable if you do not strive in the affairs for which you are responsible; if you do not endeavor in your duty and do not repay the debt that is owed by you to your country and to Islam. Moreover, should you strive and get the wheels of the country to move, you have a great honor with God. Islam has great respect for you; Islam regards you as the safe-keepers of the earth; you are the treasurers of the earth so that you must make the earth habitable and it is your duty to make it habitable, and it is for yourself that you make it habitable. You must accept this responsibility in the manner that you think is befitting and the way you want it to be; and not lend ears to the words of those who want to prevent these wheels from getting started. They are not interested in you; it is Islam that has respect for you and secures your rights and gives you what is your rightful due. Let Islam be realized; let the rotten roots of tyranny and exploitation wither and be eradicated; let those individuals who want to work for others be crippled."

(Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.7, page 155-161)

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