French photographer, who captured Imam's photos and revolutionary moments

French photographer, who captured Imam's photos and revolutionary moments

Michel Setboun, a well-known French photogrampher followed Imam Khomeini during his exile in France and also captured through his camera the events which led to the final victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Twenty-seven works by Michel Setboun Were shown earlier this year at the Mirage Hotel thanks to the efforts of the Kish Free Zone Organization and the Association of Holy Defense and Islamic Revolution Photographers on the occasion of the Ten-Day Dawn.

The exhibition will be open until 19 February 2020. 

Michel Setboun, an Algerian-French photographer, studied architecture and became a photographer in 1978. 

The photographer is known for his photography of the events of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. 

Rojane company has published a collection of his photos of the Islamic Revolution in a book titled ‘79’.

In the year to March 20, 2014, he visited Iran to attend the 2013 Rojane International Photography Festival along with a number of eminent Iranian cineastes.

Commenting on one of his photos of the late Founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini which depicts the Imam surrounded by people at Alavi school, he said, “An ideal photo should have an interesting subject and high technical quality. This photograph included the two elements. If I had taken the photo of an ordinary person, it would not have the same value. Only Imam Khomeini could make it a unique picture.” 

He noted another thing which makes the photo unique, is the facial expression of the people who had surrounded the Imam, adding it seems as if they had a special expectation from him and knew that he would fulfill it.

“It was not just a simple photo. It had a religious element which makes it a religious symbol.”

Speaking about the photo which shows Imam Khomeini standing under an apple tree, he said he had taken it when the Imam was staying in Neauphle-le-Chateau.

Commenting on the photo depicting the Imam descending the plane stairs, he said, “When the plane landed, one of my worries was how to be the first one to exit and snap the moment.”

Reviewing his memories of Imam Khomeini, Setboun added the Imam did not laugh or smile a lot, adding he was a serious man who had many great thoughts.

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