If you hear about something keep your calm

Before the arrest of the Imam, one day the rumor of the departure of the Shah from Iran gained strength and the government bodies in Qum would strengthen this rumor. They withdrew the police constables from their guard duty, caused a blackout in parts of the city of Qum such that even people on the streets of Qum would congratulate us. On that night a large crowd gathered at the residence of the Imam. A person would quote this matter confidently that, "I have accurate information that the matter is correct." The clergy and people insisted that the Imam be brought to the shrine as a show of conquest and victory. When the Imam noted the insistence of the clergy, he began to counsel them stating: "Do not loose your composure under any circumstance; if you hear something, keep your calm." With these few words, the crowd dispersed and the plot of the enemy was negated."[1]

[1]If you hear about something, keep your calm: Ayatullah Tawassuli

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