Imam Khomeini warned against becoming aggressive during academic discussions

Imam Khomeini warned against becoming aggressive during academic discussions

Imam Khomeini advised the seminary figures and scholars to remain calm and exercise patience during the discussions. Imam explains if you see that the other party is justified in its argument, you are expected to admit your fault and confirm what opponents say.

Imam has undertaken very useful discussion in his precious work of "an exposition on Forty Hadith" as following" 

 Philosophers say that the chances of being saved in a ship without a captain from the stormy waves of ocean are brighter than those of a man being saved in an outburst of wild passion.

God forbid, that we should ever belong to that category of people who become aggressive during academic discussions, as some of our students suffer from this intemperance.

You have to resist against this bad tendency. Act against it, especially on the occasions of formal functions, which are attended by a great number of scholars and common men.

God willing, these meannesses will be eliminated in a short time. God forbid, that the words of some scholars, who claimed to be divinely inspired and said that it was revealed that the quarrel among the inhabitants of hell, mentioned by God, is that of the scholars and transmitters of ahadith, should ever be true.

Even if you do not believe in the authenticity of this tradition, even then you should carefully try to get rid of this habit. See the following account:

It is narrated from many companions of the Prophet (S) that once as the Prophet  came to them they were engaged in wrangling over a religious issue.

The Prophet of Islam was greatly displeased and was indignant to this extent that they had never seen him before in such an anger.

The Prophet told them it was because of this habit of wrangling that their precursors were destroyed, and he added that a true believer would never wrangle. The Prophet asked them to stop wrangling and told them that he would not act as an intercessor to any wrangler. Wrangling occupies the second place after idolatry among the things forbidden by God Almighty.

The Prophet is reported to have also said that unless a believer refrains from wrangling and altercation he cannot know the truth, in spite of his position being correct.

There are various traditions in this regard. How abominable it will be if we deprive ourselves of the intercession of the Prophet  for the sake of merely a trivial thing, which has no value, no merit whatsoever.

 Intellectual discussions, which would otherwise be the highest order of service and worship if undertaken with sincere motives, end in such a catastrophe and wipe out all his good deeds and acts of worship, imam Khomeini further explained.

In all circumstances, man should focus his attention on each of his vices individually, and eradicate them from the domain of his soul by restraining his carnal self.

Once the trespasser is driven out, the rightful owner of the house can readily come to take possession.

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