The Imam unlocked the door to the house

The courage of the Imam needs no introduction because it crossed all limits and boundaries. In that same infamous Faydiyyah tragedy in which the Shah sent around a thousand men in plain clothes into the theological school and committed that horrendous crime, when this number of agents thought they had triumphed in the Faydiyyah Seminary incident, they marched on to the streets of Qum and created an astounding fear in the city with their chants of "Long live the Shah!" so that nobody dared to breathe. Because their location was the "Hakim Nizami High School" that was close to the Imam's residence, it occurred to some that they were moving towards the residence. Thus they told the Imam that this armed group was moving towards his residence as they chanted slogans. Some thought it expedient to get up and lock the door of the house and perhaps even lock it from behind thus barring their entry. Thus they locked the house thinking that he would be please with their action. When the Imam came to know of their action, without saying a word to anyone, came down from his room and went and unlocked the door from both sides and returned and sat inside the same room that was located nearest to the door. The sound of the commandos increased at every moment but the Imam remained unperturbed and without any sign of fear that the one thousand commandos could break in at any moment and wreak havoc on them.[1]

[1]The Imam unlocked the door to the house: Ayatullah Fadil Lankarani

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