Imam Khomeini highlighted Christ virtues on Christmas

Imam Khomeini highlighted Christ virtues on Christmas

Imam Khomeini on Christmas used to issue congratulatory messages, inviting the world Christians and other faithful people to follow the divine path of Jesus.

Imam in a series of messages sent to pope and other world Christian leaders invited them to stand by the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation who had stood against imperialism and bullying powers. 

The late founder of the Islamic Republic recommended Christians to act upon genuine teachings of Jesus Christ. Imam Khomeini urged the followers of Jesus and the Christian World to rise up against oppression and called on them to become united under the banner of monotheism in order to confront aggressive policies of colonial and exploiting powers. 

Imam Khomeini once in a historic message on the occasion of Christmas and New Year said that Jesus has been messenger of God the Almighty who spread love and peace and undertook serious efforts to establish justice. 

Imam stressed that all religious minorities of Iran would be free to perform their religious and social activities, and the Islamic republic views it as its duty to protect their rights and safety; they, like the Muslims of Iran, are Iranians and respectable. (Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.4, page 419)

The following you find a message sent on such an auspicious occasion in which Imam advised the faithful people to follow the divine virtues of the Jesus Christ and promote his original and genuine teachings. 

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful 

The Almighty God’s greetings and salutations to the Holy Christ, son of Mary, the Spirit of God, and the honorable prophet who resuscitated the dead and awakened the drowsy! Greetings and salutations of the Great God to his dignified mother, Virgin Mary and virtuous saintly woman, who, through the divine breath, offered such a great son to those who were thirsty for divine mercy! Greetings to the clerics, priests and monks who, through the teachings of Jesus Christ call the rebellious souls to peace! Greetings to the free nation of Christ, who enjoy the divine teachings of Christ, the Spirit of God! 

Rūhullāh al-Mūsawī al-Khomeinī
Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol. 5, page 267

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