While they beat up my children

At dusk of the same day on which the Faydiyyah Seminary incident took place, we were at the residence of the Imam that news of the beating up of seminary students reached our ears and that they intended to come to the Imam's residence. The late Sayyid Muhammad S?adiq Lavasani who was a very close friend of the Imam, stood up and closed the door of the house. As soon as the Imam to know of this, he immediately rose and opened the door of the house stating that: "Should I close the doors of my house on myself while they beat up my children?"

Thereafter, he stood up to recite prayers and like other nights, he recited the optional night prayer when perhaps at any moment they may have attacked the residence of the Imam.[1]

[1]While they beat up my children! Ayatullah Tawassuli

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