Inimitable orientation

After issuance of the pronouncement that "befriending the Shah means plunder" a large number of clergymen and theologians were taken for military conscription from Qum and taken to Bagh-e Shah barracks in Tehran. They were disrobed and were asked to wear military uniforms. In those same days, I was in the presence of the Imam. A 'Sayyid' seminary student with a very disoriented appearance banged open the door of the residence of the Imam and entered the house and the room in which the Imam and we were seated causing all of those present to laugh as well as to feel saddened. The Imam was busy writing that the 'Sayyid' said in a loud voice that, "O Imam, we were coming out of the class of Mr. Meshkini at the Imam Mosque that the police broke in and took away the seminary students, boarded them on a truck to take them for military conscription. They also took away Mr. Rafsanjani." On hearing this news and the disoriented appearance of the 'Sayyid', we were all overcome with sadness and regret while some even broke down and cried. In the same position in which he was seated and busy writing with pen in hand, he looked from above his spectacles at the 'sayyed' and stated: "Now why don't you sit down?" When the 'Sayyid sat down, the Imam removed the spectacles from his eyes and with his normal composure rested against the wall and stated: "Were they taken away for military service?" To which the man replied affirmatively. The Imam then stated: "They must undergo military duty; we need them in the future!" This matter coming at that time from the Imam was truly at an inimitable and incredible level.[1]

[1]Inimitable orientation: 'Ali Davani

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