He was truly a man of principles

"Mike Wallace", the television newscaster from America who is also a well-known and reputed journalist of America and was perhaps the first American to interview the Imam, appeared in a program broadcast on channel 4 in America and was interviewed by another famous newscaster in order to narrate his most memorable experiences throughout his broadcasting career. He spoke of everyone and of every place and especially he mentioned that he had met almost all the heads of state and all the great politicians of the modern era and had spoken to them. When he referred to His Holiness Ayatullah Khomeini, the leader of the Iran Revolution, with a tone that spoke of his respect and belief while being particularly frank, Mike Wallace said, "I must confess that he is the most intelligent and shrewdest politician that I had ever seen. He had a peculiar impact on the interviewer and instead of me asking him questions, he would manipulate me. Other than the subjects that the Ayatullah himself wanted to speak about, I was unable to extract any fresh information from this highly adept politician. It was astonishing for me that a clergyman could dominate a person like me who had sufficient expertise in my job."

Mike Wallace added: "I must say that the extremely simple life that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution had made for himself distinguished him from all other world leaders and we saw that he truly was a man of principles for whom the world and its trappings had no value. When he received me and other world leaders, he would make us to sit on a simple rug and force us to remove our shoes at the entrance to the room. From the start we came to know that we were dealing with a man who was different.[1]

[1]He was truly a man of principles: Dr. Amir Hushang 'Askari

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