It is war. Sometimes we win; sometimes they win

The night of occupation of Khorramshahr city by the Ba'athist Iraq army was an unforgettable moment for me and other brethren who were informed of every moment of the attack. The telephone would seldom stop ringing and every locality that came under occupation of the bloodthirsty Ba'athist regime was like a rock that banged us in the head. Friends at the office were so profoundly worried that they would only answer the telephone calls. No one had the strength to talk with another. Finally, the time would pass with difficulty and reached to a stage where news of the loss of Khorramshahr port struck us like a thunderbolt. Friends gave me the responsibility of informing the Imam of this ominous news. My throat was choked with emotion and I was concerned that with all that anxiety I would not be able to convey the news properly. Finally, having no alternative I entered the inner room and as I entered the room heads turned towards me with deep concern asking, "What is the news?" God knows that I had rarely been in such a state. I replied unwillingly in the negative. The Imam who had noticed my disoriented condition did not enquire furthermore. I sat down near him and watched the television. After three or four minutes he addressed me and asked: "What is the latest situation?" I replied with great trouble and choked with emotion that they had occupied Khorramshahr port. Suddenly, he responded in an angry tone that, "it is war. Sometimes we win; sometimes they win." I don't know that how these few short sentences impacted me so that in fact it was like the proverbial bucket of cold water poured on my head for it eliminated my sorrow and I felt as if no war had taken place at all.[1]

[1]It is war. Sometimes we win; sometimes they win: Dr. Mahmud Borujerdi

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