Haj Mustafa's arrest, deep concern of others, peacefulness of the Imam

On June 11, 1969, the head of the secret police of S?addam and the governor-general of Najaf paid a visit to the Imam and mentioned that they had been commissioned by the Command Council of revolution to send Haj Mustafa to Baghdad (for the crime of paying a visit and offering sympathy on behalf of the Imam to the late Ayatullah Hakim after his return from Baghdad) and they sought his permission for taking him to Baghdad. The Imam replied: "If taking Mustafa to Baghdad is dependent on my permission, I will never grant such permission; but if you have a mission to arrest him then I leave it up to you." When at eight o'clock in the morning Haj Mustafa along with some security officials of Iraq was taken to Baghdad, in keeping with his daily program, the Imam held his teaching classes and in the midst of sorrow, apprehension and distress of those present at his teaching session, he resorted to teaching the complex theological subjects with a world of peacefulness and assurance while pursuing his routine of leading prayers, holding meeting as well as his other daily programs in a normal manner![1]

[1]Haj Mustafa's arrest, deep concern of others, peacefulness of the Imam: Sayyid Hamid Ruhani

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