Magnanimity of personality

We should take note of this verse that says:

“If there is no duty, one can live happily;

If there is no belonging, one can die happily

In living, simplicity and informality is one of the best reasons for human knowledge as is incorporated in life. Decoration and beautification and falsification in presentation of a personality can by itself prove well human ignorance of the truth of life, personality and development to perfection. Throughout history, we do not know of any developed personality who has attempted to fix a correct image of his personality in the hearts of the people by means of falsifications in living. The magnanimity of human nature places the personality in such a position of growth that he never surrenders to adorning his self with attractive phenomenon for the desirous of the world. Natural laughter, natural tears, natural gaze, natural behavior, simple and refined approach with human beings that are the worshippers of God all together reveal the magnanimity of human personality. This spiritual condition in the Imam was endorsed unanimously by all those who had seen him from close.[1]

[1] Magnanimity of personality: ‘Allamah Muhammad Jihad Ja‘fari: Mirror of Virtue

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