I don't wish your personality to be demeaned

One night at the time when the Imam would visit the holy mausoleum of Hadrat 'Ali ('a), on the way we encountered the Imam in a lane and because we liked to accompany him, we walked behind the Imam towards the holy mausoleum. When the Imam saw us, he stopped and stated: "Gentlemen! Do you have any question?" we replied in the negative but added that we only desired to be with him and it was a pleasure for us. He stated: "Thank God. I thank you for your kindness. You are honorable personalities; you are clergymen; you are respectable. I do not wish that your personality be demeaned by walking behind me."[1]

[1]I don't wish your personality to be demeaned: Sayyid Hamid Ruhani: excerpts from "The Path of Imam Khomeini"

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