Iran will never be a tool in the hands of major colonialists, Imam Khomeini stressed

Iran will never be a tool in the hands of major colonialists, Imam Khomeini stressed

In a historic interview, which was conducted just months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Imam Khomeini said that he will establish an Islamic democratic system which would be never manipulated by arrogant powers.

 Imam stressed that the country under the Islamic Republic system will act as a one hundred percent independent country. Imam also highlighted that the Iranian nation according to the Islamic stipulations, will do our best to help solve the problems of the oppressed nations.

  What comes following is a script of the historic interview conducted in the French city of Neaphle-le-Château. 




Date: November 2, 1978 [Ābān 11, 1357 AHS / Dhū’l-Hijjah 1, 1398 AH]

Place: Neaphle-le-Château, Paris, France

Subject: The reasons for the fall of the Shāh

Interviewer: Paeze Sera (?) Italian newspaper reporter



Question: [Why are the decline of the Pahlavī dynasty and the establishment of the Islamic republic inevitable in pulling Iran out of this distressing crisis?]

Answer: He was not legal from the beginning, and enjoys no legitimacy, and now the nation, as never had been before, won’t tolerate him and his dynasty, for his stepping on people’s every right and his countless cruelties, and since the unanimous majority of Iranians are Muslims, it is obvious that, after the fall of this regime, they will not be satisfied with anything but an Islamic government.


Q: [How could the risk of the military taking over power be prevented, which is something that the moderate opponents of the government are so afraid of?]

A: Today, it is the nation of Iran who wants to determine its destiny, and this nation will not tolerate a military government. And in reality, the Shāh’s government has thus far been nothing in content but the dominance of the army and the military.


Q: [Is there a possibility for a national solution to obviate the current crisis? Bearing in mind that America and western countries, particularly Britain, support the Shāh, and the army is controlled and led by Americans.]

A: The national solution for today’s Iran is what the whole nation—backed by their own blood—has informed the world, including America and others since over a year ago, and that is the fall of the Pahlavī dynasty, the removal of the monarchial system and the establishment of the Islamic republic.


Q: [It has been attributed to you that you want to form an Islamic unitary regime, while other Muslim regimes such as Algeria, which is not unitary, and other Islamic regimes such as Saudi Arabia which is feudal, have not created any hatred in the west. Can you explain the characteristics of the Islamic republic you have in mind? What are its social contents and political structure, particularly for the parties, syndicates and media?]

A: Today, our portrayal of the Islamic republic cannot be found in the world. None of the Islamic republic essential characteristics can be seen in the government of Saudi Arabia. Must Iran seek the approval of the western countries in order to determine its own destiny? Do other countries ever resort to the opinions of Iranians when preparing their political policies or choosing their kind of government? In the Islamic republic, the statesmen cannot become rich or grant any privileges to themselves by taking advantage of their positions. They must carefully observe the Islamic standards in the society and at every level, and must even protect them. They must show respect for the public opinion in anywhere. They should not accept any foreign control over or intervention in the destiny of people. The press is free to publish the facts and realities. Any gatherings and parties of people are free as long as they don’t disturb people’s interests, and Islam has determined the limits of all these matters.


Q: [How is the international status of such a republic in today’s world, particularly against major problems of the third world countries on the issues of economic crises, oil and raw materials?]

A: It will act as a one hundred percent independent country, and will never be a toy in the hands of major colonialists, and will never commit aggression upon another country for our own interests, and according to the Islamic stipulations, we will do our best to help solve the problems of the oppressed nations.


Sahifeh-ye-Imam, Vol.4, page 249-250




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