Iran’s Islamic Revolution altered bipolar world system

Iran’s Islamic Revolution altered bipolar world system

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran altered the bipolar world system that involved the eastern and the western blocs of power, and brought the Muslim world into play on the global stage.

“With the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, the then bipolar balance of power between the Western liberal democracy spearheaded by the US and the Soviet Union-oriented Eastern communism was shaken in the face of the Islamic Revolution’s civilization-making logic, and started going down the path of destruction as their weaknesses came to light after having failed to present a working model for the rule of law.

“A decade later, communism collapsed and the same fate lies in store for the American liberal system,” IRGC said in a statement on the 42nd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The IRGC then enumerated post-Revolution Iran’s impressive achievements in various fields, which have been made despite all international pressures, economic and political sanctions, wide-ranging scientific and technological blockades, psychological warfare and media propaganda, as well as various conspiracies and threats.

The statement added that the US has dismally failed in its evil conspiracies and plots against the Islamic Revolution and Iranian nation over the past 42 years.

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The IRGC said the Iranian nation is celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution while seven former US presidents, whose common goal was to weaken the Revolution and destroy the Islamic Republic, each failed miserably in their Iran policy.

The statement added that the unity and active participation of Iranians have helped the Islamic Republic overcome problems, resulting from sanctions and Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign, which was launched by the administration of ex-president Donald Trump to force Iran to give in to Washington’s demands.

The nation, it added, has set the removal of sanctions plus verification of US and European actions in this field as Iran’s “definitive and irreversible policy.”

It was referring to the sanctions that the US reinstated against Iran after abandoning a multilateral nuclear deal in May 2018.

The statement said the IRGC, together with other Iranian Armed Forces, is continuously building up its military and deterrent capabilities in harmony with regional and international developments, and is today at the apex of its combat and intelligence readiness.

The statement underscored that any possible act of aggression against Iran’s independence, security and territorial integrity will be met with a definite and regretful response from the Iranian Armed Forces.

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