Conference of "Women’s contribution and initiatives in Contemporary World from the perspective of Imam Khomeini"

Place of Conference: Tehran, Laleh Hotel’s Conference Hall
Time of Conference: June 3 2016 - Evening shift and afternoon gathering
Administrator: Headquarters tasked with commemorating Imam Khomeini’s passing anniversary
Secretary of the Conference: Mrs. Mesbahi, head of the archive unit of the Institute for compilation and publication of Imam Khomeini’s works
Inaugural speaker: Dr. Mohammad Moghadam, the head of the international affairs of the institute
The closing speaker: Shahindokht Molawardi, Vice President for Women affairs

The conference's axis:

- The position and social status of women from the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

- Women in the contemporary world

- Women’s contribution in Islamic Revolution and the holy defense and their decisive role in nation’s destiny from viewpoint of Imam Khomeini

- A glance at women activities before, during and the post revolution and during the periods of construction and development

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