Fighting the Illegitimate Occupiers of Quds

The Necessity of Nations' Awakening

Muslims must keep Quds Day alive. I have repeatedly commented regarding Israel's avarice and that it will not be content with the lands it has already occupied. You have now witnessed that it has chosen Jerusalem as its capital.  All the statements that the United States and human rights organizations announce are inconsistent utterances. And thus you see that they disapprove of Israel's action, but it pays no heed. They criticize and it, in turn, denounces them. This trend is such because is nothing serious. America is not really against Jerusalem being Israel's capital; otherwise, it would not have been able to take such a step. This is all just a show. And human rights organizations and other such institutions are all allies. They have all joined hands to plunder the Muslims and others in Asia and Africa, but, unfortunately, the Muslims are still not conscious of this.

The nations must themselves stand up against such oppression for the governments are generally on their side and thus you see that the Muslims; that is, the Islamic governments show no reaction to America's aggression. And if an Islamic government does say something, it is just words and nothing more. You have witnessed how savagely they treated our dear sons, daughters, and our dear university students, and how bravely they held out, holding clenched fists, against the American police and the other security forces. They bore all the blows and the atrocities of the Americans, but did not yield at all on their (principled) stand. Muslims must learn what to do from these youth who are from Iran and are living abroad, whether in Britain, Europe or America. We are disappointed with the governments, but the people are all right. But what was the reaction of the nations to the American atrocities and, recently, also to what the British did to our zealous youth?! If there was any reaction it was from among the Iranian youth there and maybe, just in a few instances, their own people showed sympathy. But overall, the nations did not demonstrate much sympathy and this is because the Muslim nations have not yet grasped the teachings of Islam.

The Source of Muslims' Difficulties

Islam compels Muslims to be united, and to eschew discord. If they have differences, they will become weakened and their color and scent will vanish. Unfortunately, it is evident that all the woes that we have experienced from long ago up to now have been the result of our internal quarrels; of the Islamic governments- of course, I mean the governments of the Muslim countries, and not Islamic governments. These governments are in no way Islamic. How can I call Iraq's government an Islamic government? How can I call Egypt's government an Islamic government? These governments of Muslim nations are working against the Iranian Muslims who have risen up against the United States and the Soviet Union. They set up military bases for the United States to attack the Muslims. How can we consider Sadat  who builds bases for America and invites it to attack Iran, an Islamic country, a Muslim? And how can we consider the Iraqi government an Islamic government when it sends weapons to Iran and constantly carries out incursions into our country and works for the United States?

I think that the United States has also deceived the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is aiding the Iraqi government, which is serving the Americans; not the Soviet Union. Iraq gets weapons from it in order to harm Iran and so paves the way for the United States; not for the Soviet Union. The United States has deceived the Soviet Union. They are supplying weapons that serve the United States. They think that supplying these weapons to Iraq is in their own interests. But it is not in the Soviet Union's interests. In any case, if Muslims had united we would not be dealing with the issues of Jerusalem, Afghanistan and the rest of the problems in other regions of the Muslim world, which have befallen us, and will be befalling us.

The Day of Quds, the day that Muslims must rise against the forces of evil

The authorities must pay heed; all Muslims must pay heed! The Day of Quds is a day that all Muslim nations must pay attention to and must keep alive. If all Muslim nations voice their concerns on the last Friday of Ramadan- which is Quds Day- and they all stand up for this cause, this will be the prelude, God willing, for us to counter these evil-doers and wipe them out of Muslim countries. We have acted indecisively; the Muslims have acted indecisively; the nations keep neutral, they do not seriously stand up and take action and do not show much concern regarding these issues. When Israel observes that Muslim nations are not united; that the Egyptian government is its ally, Iraq's government is also on its side; it is determined to move forward, achieving its goals step by step. And be sure that if we remain apathetic, they (Israel) who plan to reach the Euphrates will do so. They consider this entire region theirs.

You must stand firm against them. And if the Muslims and all Muslim nations stand up to them, but their (Muslim) governments oppose them, they must deal with their governments, just like Iranians dealt with Muhammad Rida. Muhammad Rida was the head of the most powerful of the Muslim governments, and had the most support] from the West [, but even so our nation revolted with Islam as its main incentive. With cries of "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greater) it overpowered him and all the world powers. Even if all the world powers unite, they will never be able to harm such a nation.

Inspiring Muslims to Form an Anti- Israeli Coalition

May God give us the opportunity someday to pray in Quds. I hope that Muslims honor the Day of Quds and that demonstrations and protests be held in all Muslim countries on the last Friday of this auspicious month (Ramadan). They should hold gatherings and meetings and the mosques must be active in protest. If a one billion population clamored against Israel, it would not be able to do anything. Just the shouting of Muslims is enough to instill fear into Israel. All the Muslims in the world- nearly one billion people- must get out in the streets on the Day of Quds and shout "Death to the United States"," Death to Israel" and" Death to the Soviet Union". Just shouting" Death to the Soviet Union" will result in its demise. The Muslims number are one billion; you have such huge resources that all the other governments are in need of. Nevertheless, they compel you to have differences. They create disunity among the Muslims, and usurp their resources without anyone daring to say a word.

It would be good if other nations would learn from our dear and noble nation. They must take the Iranian youths in the United States, Britain and other Western countries as their role models. They have protested and have resisted police and persisted in shouting slogans pronouncing the truth, even after they were arrested and chained, we must be conscious of all this and learn from these youths who are clamoring to Islam.

The nations are not taking action; those youths are protesting for the cause of Islam, but we are occupied with our futile disputes. This is not right.

We must seriously endeavor to expel Israel from all Arab lands, and not just say that Israel must not make Quds its capital. We must not be deceived by the United States and the organizations they have formed which just pretend in order to exploit us. All people and all Muslims must take action themselves against them. They should not wait for their governments to take action. The governments will not do anything. They must do it themselves. Muslims must not seek help from one in order to be protected from the other. No, they are all wolves willing to tear you apart. You must take the matter in your own hands. Be aware of God. Pay attention to Islam and rise for the cause of God and Islam and forge forward for God and Islam. You will succeed, God willing.

May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

Sahifeh, vol. 13, Page: 64-72
Radio/ TV Message, August 6, 1980


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