Imam Khomeini used to seek blessings, purity, brotherhood, and equality in New Year

Imam Khomeini used to seek blessings, purity, brotherhood, and equality in New Year

On the arrival of spring and new Persian Year, Imam Khomeini sought divine blessings, brotherhood and equality among all believers and faithful people.

Some phrases from a historic message delivered by Imamon the occasion of Nowruz come as following:

“I am hopeful that God Almighty will make this year the year of mercy, blessings, purity, brotherhood, and equality and that the entire nation and the government and all the officials shall unite together and collectively lead this country toward prosperity and welfare and succeed in fulfilling all the needs of this nation; and confront any kind of transgression, which are part and parcel of all revolutions; and I hope that in this current year, our country proves to firmly establish the rule of the law. Everyone should abide by the law and no one should transgress it. No one should act against the law and everyone should act within their own limits.”

Occasion: Onset of the Iranian New Year (Nourouz) 1360 AHS --Date: March 21, 1981

In another historic message by Imam released on Nowruz have been provided and quoted below. 

The following statement was released by Imam Khomeini on March the 12th 1983, and was broadcasted on both television and radio (source: Sahife, vol. 17, page 346):

“In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful 
I implore the Almighty God to make this New Year an auspicious year for all Muslims of the world and the Muslims of Iran. Especially for the strata that is engaged in holy struggle, the families of the martyrs, the families of the disabled and their relatives, the Basij volunteers and for all the armed forces of the military and non-military, the Guards Corps and all of them.

"God willing may this year be an auspicious year for the nation of Iran and bring victory in its wake. God willing, victory be destined for the oppressed nations of the world and the Muslims of the world and we and the beloved nation of Iran be grateful and show gratitude for these blessings that the Blessed and Almighty God has granted them."

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