Imam Khomeini's introduction to Forty Hadith

Imam Khomeini's introduction to Forty Hadith

Imam Khomeini's several theological works including "Forty Hadith" contains treasure of mysticism and deep discussions about morality and ethics

From very begining, Imam seeks assistence of God, the Almighrt for the completion of this work with best manner and writes as following: 

Lord! Grant brightness of sincerity to the mirror of the heart, Cleanse the rust of hypocrisy from the tablet of the heart, and show the path of virtue and salvation to the helpless wanderers in the mazes of the bewilderment and error and confusion.

Endow us with the nobleness and generosity of character. Reveal to us your glory and splendor that you have reserved only for your chosen servants.

Expel the legions of Satan and ignorance from the realms of our heart; implant the divine hosts of knowledge and wisdom in their stead.

Enrich our hearts with the profusion of your love and that of your Chosen in this transitory world, this ephemeral lodging place.

And shower Your choicest blessing upon us at the time of death and thereafter. Extend to us your mercy, and grant us proximity to the Highest Good.

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